WordPress – Create a New WordPress Theme (1st in a Series)

WordPress is a wonderfully bendy running a blog framework.

If you use WordPress a great deal, you’ll ultimately need Divi Theme vs Reviews to make a few adjustments in the arrival of your weblog.

Often the first-class way to give your blog a facelift is to create a brand new WordPress topic. The developers of WordPress have made this smooth to do. This article tells you the way to create a brand new subject. Future articles will inform you how to make visible modifications in your theme.

Note that this article presumes which you are developing on a PC or Mac and uploading your paintings to your Web website.

Here is the manner for developing a brand new WordPress theme, in a nutshell:

1. Start with an existing topic which you want to adjust.
2. Copy that theme folder to a new theme folder.
3. Edit the “style” css report inside the new theme folder.
4. Upload the subject matter folder on your Web site.
5. From the WordPress Admin console, spark off the new topic.

That is all you have to do.

The following sections provide targeted descriptions for enforcing the above steps.

Start with an Existing Theme

Pick a topic this is already hooked up for your blog. It does no longer want to be activated, simply hooked up. Pick one you like.

Copy the Them to a New Theme Folder

Both the old subject matter (the one you begin with) and the new subject (the only you are growing) must be located in the topics folder of the wp-content folder.

Here is the hierarchy: foremost WordPress folder / wp-content material / issues

If for example, you are copying the “WordPress Default” them to the “John Doe” subject, you may copy the “default” folder to the “john-doe” folder.

Edit the “style” css file within the new theme folder

Now which you have copied the old subject matter on your new subject folder, you need to edit the “fashion” css record.

Every subject has a “fashion” css document. That record begins out with a few records that WordPress makes use of to show statistics approximately the fashion in the admin console. You will need to exchange this information. A skeletal version of this facts looks as if the following:

Theme Name: Theme name here
Description: Description of subject matter here

Version: Version range

Author: Your Name

Author URI: Your Web Site (when you have one)

Licensing Information

A crammed in model would appearance some thing just like the following:

Theme Name: John Doe

Description: This is a subject that John Doe created to for his personal Web website.

Version: 1.00

Author: John Doe

This subject matter is offered beneath the GPL License.

Upload the Theme Folder to Your Web website

Using FTP or some thing system is in your editor/Web design software, upload the new theme folder to your Web website online.

Activate the New Theme

(i) Log into your WordPress management console.
(ii) On the left facet of the console, about half of way down, click at the “Appearance” hyperlink.
(iii) Your subject matter ought to display up beneath “Available Themes”, inside the lower right hand side of the web page.
(iv) Click at the “Activate” hyperlink on your subject.

WordPress must now be using your theme.